A Rare Case Report of Serous Cystadenoma with Coexisting Sclerosing Stromal Tumor of Ovary

  • Lachit Kalita Department of Pathology, Barpeta Cancer Centre, Assam Cancer Care, Barpeta , Assam.
  • Abhijit Kalita Department of Pathology, Barpeta Cancer Centre, Assam Cancer Care, Barpeta , Assam.
  • Munmun Harlalka Department of Pathology, Barpeta Cancer Centre, Assam Cancer Care, Barpeta , Assam.
Keywords: Ovarian epithelial neoplasms, serous cystadenoma, sclerosing stromal tumor


Various forms of collision tumors have been reported in literature before. Ovarian tumors also exhibit different histological components at times. The epithelial neoplasm of ovary in coexistence with sertoli leydig cell tumor, granulosa cell tumor, cystic teratoma and stromal tumor with minor sex cord elements are known to exist. However, literature related to association of serous neoplasm of ovary with sclerosing stromal tumor is not known. We report a case of serous cystadenoma with coexisting sclerosing stromal tumor in a 31-year-old lady which is probably one of the first case reports of such a combination till date.


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