A study of histological types of leprosy along with clinico-histopathological correlation in a Tertiary Centre from North Maharashtra region.

  • Maya Suresh Vasaikar Shri Bhausaheb Hire Goverment Medical College, Dhule
  • Bharati M Patil
  • Rajesh Y Thakur
Keywords: Leprosy, macules, histopathology, Fite Ferraco stain.


Background- To achieve WHO new global strategy of 2016-, To decrease the case load of leprosy, early and proper classification of leprosy for proper treatment and avoiding disability due to leprosy. Aim- Aim of this study was to find out the incidence of various histological types of leprosy in North Maharashtra. To find out which is the common type and to know the importance of histopathological examination in diagnosis of leprosy and its correlation clinically. Methods- A retrospective study of five years from Jan 2011 to Dec 2015 was conducted in the department of Pathology Government Medical College Dhule. Clinical diagnosis was correlated with histopathological report.Results-Sixty seven clinically diagnosed cases were included in the study. From sixty seven cases two cases on histopathological and on AFB (Fite Ferraco) stain were negative for leprosy. The Male to Female ratio was 0.8:1, maximum cases belonged to age group 21-30 years, and clinically hypo-pigmented hypo aesthetic macules were commonly seen. Clinically as well as histopathological Borderline Tuberculoid leprosy was common, it also showed maximum parity. A case of Histoid leprosy was too diagnosed on HPE which clinically was diagnosed as lepromatous leprosy. Erythema nodosum leprosum two cases were diagnosed clinically as well as histopathological in this period. Fite Farraco stain was positive in all cases of borderline lepromatous and lepromatous leprosy.Conclusion- A combination of clinical diagnosis, histopathological examination along with AFB stain is essential for proper treatment of the patient and for achieving leprosy free world. DOI: 10.21276/APALM.1203 

Author Biography

Maya Suresh Vasaikar, Shri Bhausaheb Hire Goverment Medical College, Dhule
Associate ProfessorDepartment of Pathology


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