Role of Mean platelet Volume as an adjunct in evaluation of acute inflammation.

  • Nabila Afsar Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  • Idrees Akhtar Afroze Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  • Habeebunnisa Tahniath Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  • Zakia Abid Deccan College of Medical sciences
Keywords: MPV, mean platelet volume, inflammation, neutrophilic leucocytosis, platelet activation


Background: Platelets are also known for their role in the pathophysiology of vascular inflammation. Activated platelets can promote vascular inflammation, causing endothelial inflammation and subsequent leucocyte extravasation. Increased MPV may be used as a marker of platelet activation. We aim to study the relationship of MPV with total WBC count in cases with neutrophilic leucocytosis and to assess if MPV may have any role as an inflammatory marker.Methods:  A retrospective study was conducted including 97 cases of leucocytosis with neutrophilia. 95 age and sex matched healthy individuals were used as controls. MPV values and total WBC counts were obtained on automated cell counter Horiba pentra ES60 and manual differential count was performed.Results: MPV did not show any significant change in the study group compared to the control group. MPV was noted to be higher in cases with associated thrombocytopenia, while MPV was lower in cases with thrombocytosis.Conclusion:  MPV has no direct role in the evaluation of acute inflammation. However the increased MPV noted in cases of thrombocytopenia with neutrophilic leucocytosis suggests that activation of platelets causes a rise in MPV due to shape change and may be implicated in impending sepsis and disseminated intravascular coagulation due to the production of thromboxane A2 by activated platelets, warranting the need for further workup and prospective studies in order to establish the role of MPV as a marker for impending sepsis and DIC in cases with neutrophilic leucocytosis. DOI: 10.21276/APALM.1486 

Author Biographies

Nabila Afsar, Deccan College of Medical Sciences
Assistant Professor,Department of pathology
Idrees Akhtar Afroze, Deccan College of Medical Sciences
ProfessorDepartment of Patholgy
Habeebunnisa Tahniath, Deccan College of Medical Sciences
Post graduateDepartment of pathology
Zakia Abid, Deccan College of Medical sciences
Professor and Head of departmentDepartment of Pathology


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