Histopathological and clinical Analysis of variants in cervical lesion at Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat

  • Jigna Upadhyay Department of Pathology, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science, Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat(India)
  • Mitsu Vaishnav Department of Pathology, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science, Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat(India)
Keywords: Neoplasia, malignancy, metaplasia, vagina


Background: Aim of the study was to know various histopathological variants in cervical lesion, its incidence with respect to age in Bhuj city of Gujarat.Materials & Methods: A total of 618 cases of cervical lesions were analysed prospectively in a period of 2 years to assess various pattern of cervical lesion. Cases were studied in detail about history, clinical examination and other findings.Results: Of the total 618 cases, 516 (83.50%) were non neoplastic all of which were inflammatory and 102(16.5%) were neoplastic of which cervical malignancies, benign lesions and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) constituted 80(12.94%), 12(1.94%) and 10(1.62%) respectively. Amongst inflammatory lesions, the commonest lesion was chronic nonspecific cervicitis 428(82.95%) followed by papillary endocervicitis 88(17.05%). The associated changes of chronic nonspecific cervicitis were nabothian cyst (11.92%), squamous metaplasia (11.68%), and koilocytic change (22.43%). Inflammatory lesions were commonly found in the sexually active period of women i.e. 31-50 years with a peak incidence in the age group of 31-40 years. Cervical malignancies were common in the age group of 40-60 years and presented most commonly with bleeding per vagina. CIN was most common in the age group of 41-50 years with CINII as the predominant grade having white discharge as the most common symptom.Conclusion: Non-neoplastic were the commonest lesions of the cervix. Women in the older age group with bleeding per vagina should be suspected for cervical malignancy and should be examined for the same.DOI:10.21276/APALM.1716


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