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Low-grade appendicial mucinous neoplasm presenting with obstructed inguinal hernia: a rare association

Abhishek Chowdhury, Keya Basu, Uttara Chatterjee, Chhanda Datta, P.K. Sarkar, Manoj Kumar Choudhuri


Low grade  appendicial  mucinous  neoplasm  is  a  rare  entity.  It  is  grouped  under  appendicial  adenocarcinoma.  Though  it  presents  commonly  with  pain  abdomen,  asymptomatic  patients  are  not  uncommon.  It  is  a  low  grade neoplasm,  but  capable  of  producing  progressive  and  fatal  disease  in  the  form  of  pseudomyxoma  peritonei.  Management in case of  localised appendicial  disease  includes  simple  appendectomy.  We came across a  patient presenting  with  obstructed  inguinal  hernia.  While performing emergency exploration,  a dilated  appendix  was  uncovered.  Appendectomy  was  done  as  a  result  and  the  histopathological  examination  of  the  appendix  revealed  that  it  was  a  low  grade  appendicial  mucinous  neoplasm.


Appendix, Adenocarcinoma, Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, Inguinal Hernia

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