A rare case of neoplastic transformation in a longstanding case of fistula-in-ano

  • Neeru Gupta sri balaji action medical institute Paschim Vihar Delhi-110063
  • Chhaya Gupta
  • Aruna Sud
Keywords: Mucinous adenocarcinoma, Fistula-in-ano,


Mucinous adenocarcinoma development in a long standing case of with fistula-in-ano is rare. A case of fistula–in-ano diagnosed as low grade mucinous adenocarcinoma on biopsy and confirmed on Immunohistochemistry is discussed. It was established that the carcinoma had developed within the fistula and was not a secondary manifestation of any other tumor.

Author Biography

Neeru Gupta, sri balaji action medical institute Paschim Vihar Delhi-110063


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