Abdominal Scar endometriosis: report of three cases with cytohistocorroboration

  • Ritu Arora Senior Resident
  • Ila Tyagi
  • Namrata Nargotra
  • Garima Singh
  • Abhijit Das
Keywords: Endometriosis, Surgical Scar, Abdominal Wall


Endometriosis of the abdominal wall scar is rare, reported incidence being 1.08% for mid-trimester  abortion and 0.03–0.4% following caesarean sections. Incisional endometriosis is a relatively rare entity  and is often  misdiagnosed as stitch granuloma, abscess, incisional hernia,  lipoma, hematoma, desmoid tumor, sarcoma, lymphoma, or primary and metastatic cancer.We report  three cases of abdominal scar endometriosis; two cases occurring in the surgical scar of previous caesarean incision and one case occurring after second trimester hysterotomy. The present study describes the physical signs and symptoms and cytological features of abdominal scar endometriosis. A high index of suspicion is needed for early diagnosis of this entity in a woman presenting with post operative abdominal lump. DOI: 10.21276/APALM.2017.1029

Author Biography

Ritu Arora, Senior Resident
Department of PathologyNorth Delhi Municipal Corporation Medical College & Hindu Rao Hospital


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