Extraskeletal Ewing sarcoma at rare sites with review of literature.

  • Sabah Nayef Nemri Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
  • Bouvier Francis Valere D’sa Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
  • Sohaila Fatima King Khalid University
  • Nazima Haider King khalid University
  • Nouha Mahmood Alwani Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
Keywords: Extraskeletal Ewings Sarcoma, hard palate, lung, pleura


Ewings sarcoma (ES) is mostly a tumour of children and young adults and is composed of densely distributed, uniform, small to medium sized, round cells with a high nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio. Extraskeletal ES (EES) is a rare presentation and we present 3 cases of EES at uncommon sites involving hard palate, lung and pleura.  DOI: 10.21276/apalm.2017.1110

Author Biographies

Sabah Nayef Nemri, Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
ConsultantHistopathologyAseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
Bouvier Francis Valere D’sa, Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
SpecialistHistopathologyAseer Central Hospital Abha KSA
Sohaila Fatima, King Khalid University
LecturerKing Khalid University Abha KSA
Nazima Haider, King khalid University
Assistant Professor Department of pathology
Nouha Mahmood Alwani, Aseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA
SpecialistHistopathologyAseer Central Hospital, Abha, KSA


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